Olympic Full cream  Milk  Powder is made by spray drying pasteurized cow’s milk from the leading dairy manufacturer around the world namely Fonterra, Open Country Dairy, etc. It is high-quality soluble powdered milk that is packaged on the world’s finest farm-produced milk. Rich in natural nutrition, delicious Olympic milk is capable of adding enough energy to your health. Produced with the finest fresh full-fat milk, our milk powder mixes effortlessly into delicious creamy milk, providing the essential nutrients for a healthy body.

  • Imported directly from New Zealand’s leading dairy manufacturers
  • Excellent source of Protein
  • Rich creamy flavor
  • Fat content (26%)
  • Natural dairy goodness for the whole family


Olympic Full cream Milk Powder 2 Kg, 1 Kg, 500 gm, 250 gm, 200 gm, 75 gm, 25 gm

Suggested Uses for: 

Milk, Yogurt, Ice cream mixes and confectionery products.


Transfer content to a dry airtight container after opening; keep in a dry & cool place.