SUNNY LAND (Fat Filled Milk Powder)

Sunnyland Fat filled milk powder is imported directly from Belgium’s leading dairy manufacturer “Milcobel”. The company has launched this product for giving nutrients at an affordable price to the customers. Sunnyland is obtained by blending vegetable fat with high quality skimmed milk and then spray-drying it. Sunny Land Contains Protein and essential vitamins like A and D, which improve our eyesight, Strengthen teeth and bones and make the muscle stronger. Include a glass of Sunny Land Fat filled milk powder in your daily intake to be more active, lively, stronger, and healthier.

  • Dairy taste and creamy mouth feel
  • White to light cream or yellow color
  • Instant quality
  • Source of functional dairy solids
  • Easy handling and storage


Sunny Land Fat filled milk powder 1 Kg, 500 gm, 250 gm, 20 gm,

Suggested Uses for:

Sunny Land Fat filled milk powder has a very rich and creamy taste. You can enjoy Sunny land as often as you like thanks to its delicious taste and easy dissolvability in both hot and cold water. Hence it can also be used in making cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, baking, cooking, tea, coffee and variety of desserts to make them more delicious.


Transfer content to a dry airtight container after opening; keep in a dry & cool Place.