Meadow   Instant   Full Cream Milk  Powder  Vitamin Fortified is  made  by   spray  drying   pasteurized cow’s milk. Its  excellent  solubility  eases milk  preparation  while  added  vitamins and  minerals   promise  the  most  nutritious choice for every eating occasion. Meadow is collected   from   the  best  dairy  in  the  world and  is  packed  with essential  nutrients.  It is a   high-quality   milk  that  plays a vital  role in  nourishing  your whole  family. It can be prepared very easily. You should include one glass of meadow milk in your diet and increase your energy and stimulation.

  • Imported directly from New Zealand’s leading dairy manufacturers
  • Sourced from the leading dairy manufacturer around the world namely Fonterra, Open Country Dairy, etc.
  • Higher fat content (28%) than Regular full cream milk (26%)
  • Enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin D
  • Excellent source of Calcium and Protein
  • Excellent solubility
  • Rich creamy flavor


Meadow Instant  Full Cream Milk Powder 1 Kg, 500 gm, 250 gm, 70 gm, 20 gm

Suggested Uses for:

The creamy flavor of Meadow Milk Instant Full Cream Milk Powder confirms the true taste of milk. Meadow milk can be safely used in any food including tea, coffee, yogurt, ice cream, sweets as it mixes very quickly with water.


Transfer content to a dry airtight container after opening; keep in a dry & cool Place